• Welcome to the National Skip Hire Association

    photo1The National Skip Hire Association was established for the purpose of advancing the waste industry in an ethical and professional manner throughout the British Isles.

    One of the main objectives of the National Skip Hire Association will be to work closely with the Trading Standards Office to take action against rogue traders that are giving the Industry a bad reputation.

    By choosing to hire an approved member of the National Skip Hire Association you can be assured that the said company have been vetted to ensure that they will conform to our Code of Practice. This in turn will give you the peace of mind knowing you are dealing with an able and reliable operator.

    Customer Notice

    Property owners may not know of them but when they hire a skip there are strict laws and regulations governing the disposal of waste, which does include the use of a skip. The correct procedures need to be followed and if not, punishment can be expected in the form of a monetary fine. Remember pleading ignorance is not a defence in a court of law, it is ones responsibility to educate themselves on such laws.
    Hiring a skip is quite common, its an easy way to clear out a load of rubbish or junk that needs to be disposed of. It is sometimes essential in any cases of re-decorating, house extensions, and moving from one house to another.
    In any case, the householders main priority is the placement of the skip. If the skip is placed on the premises it would be fine, however, if it is placed on the pavement or road i.e. public property, like many are, then there is a requirement to obtain a permit from the local council. Many reputable skip hire companies will secure this, which may take a few days so there is a need to check beforehand.
    Another check should be made on the skip hire company. As of 2005, householders are required to use only authorised carriers – companies registered as an approved Environmental Agency company – otherwise a fine could occur. By obtaining the company waste carrier number, there is a validation service which can be checked against.
    Other environmental regulations that relate to skip hire are the disposal of certain equipment and items. It is strictly prohibited disposing of the following in a skip; refrigerators, freezers, tires, batteries, oil, solvents, paints, light bulbs, televisions, gas bottles, and other items of general hazardous waste. Other common legalities are fly-tipping and over-loading – if a skip is overfillled and should damage occur due to items falling out, the holder will be liable to pay for damages.
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